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Ms. Laster offers a free ten-minute phone consultation.  The free consultation is geared toward:

1) identifying conflicts of interest to make sure we haven’t represented the other side to your dispute;

2) exploring whether the relief you are seeking is possible under the Texas Family Code;

3) making sure your case is or can be filed in the DFW metroplex (Collin, Dallas, Denton, and Tarrant Counties) where Ms. Laster practices;

4) a general discussion of Ms. Laster’s retainer and hourly rate.


Ms. Laster also offers a pre-paid consultation billed in one-hour increments to:

1) discuss her anticipated approach to your case in more depth, identifying opportunities and potential risks;

2) review your documents, usually your current order and/or a pleading that has been filed against you, and provide feedback;

3) perform and relay the results of her preliminary legal research regarding a question of law raised by your case; and/or

4) address other legal matters of concern.

You can use this page to schedule and pay for a one-hour consultation, send an email to, or call the office at (214) 952-7172.

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